About Us

side view churchThe Community Church of Mill Valley was founded in 1925 “to provide a Christian fellowship where all who are searching for the meaning of life, regardless of background, might freely worship and serve.”

The brown-shingled church sanctuary dates from 1930 and was designed by church members to reflect the rustic character of Mill Valley and to blend into the grove of redwoods on the property.  The congregation voted to become a part of the United Church of Christ in 1962.

Throughout our church’s long history, certain core values have endured: spiritual curiosity, loving support, and social action.  One hallmark of the Community Church has been “bringing impossible projects to fruition.”  From constructing the church building, to creating and staffing a low-cost daycare center for working mothers, to founding the much-loved Redwoods retirement center, to arranging life-saving surgery for a young Ugandan and helping him set up his ministry for AIDS orphans in Africa, our church has confronted important needs and forged ahead.

Pam at communionAnother Community Church hallmark is the long, unbroken line of intellectually challenging, deeply committed, and spiritually-open ministers who have led the congregation from its earliest beginnings. The Rev. Pam Shortridge, our pastor for the last 21 years, continues this great tradition.  Her sermons are invariably thought-provoking — filled with wisdom and scholarly research, and the insights of poets and philosophers.  The sermon’s text is derived from the Bible, but its lesson is always framed for 2lst century problems.

If your spiritual curiosity is stirred, come visit the Community Church of Mill Valley.  We welcome all who search for life’s meaning to share their journey with us.