new sanctuaryOur Sunday service is comfortable and welcoming to visitors.  Our worship, a familiar sequence of prayer, reflection, liturgy, and sermon, tends to be interactive and social—spirited at times, quietly contemplative at others.  Our pastor’s sermons are based on Scripture and include historical and biblical research, and often the insights of poets and philosophers.  The lessons come directly from the Bible but are framed for 2lst century problems.

Pam ShortridgeIn the Sanctuary, pews are arranged so that we can see one another across the center aisle; the music varies from familiar hymns that encourage singing to classic melodies inspiring quiet meditation.  A variety of voices perform the Scripture readings.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.  We practice an open Communion.  Anyone attending is welcome to share the sacrament.

Sunday Morning

8:30 a.m. Our all-volunteer Choir rehearses with director Esther Archer in the Sanctuary.*

9:00 a.m. Pastor Pam Shortridge leads a lively, informal discussion of the Scripture texts that will be read during the worship service.  Anyone can join in this discussion group, which is held in the Townsend White Room.  No advance preparation is necessary.  (Enter through Tamalpais Hall; the doorway to the Townsend White Room is in the far left corner.)

10:00 a.m. We gather for Worship in the Sanctuary.  During worship, children are welcome to stay and participate along with their parents.

11:15 a.m.  We come together for refreshments and conversation in the Tamalpais Hall.

*From mid-June to mid-September the choir takes a well-deserved vacation.